How much is tuition?

Please see the below for a cost comparison table.
Every January tuition usually increases slightly, but people who apply in 2018, get 2018 rates.

We also have student rewards accounts. For meeting weekly progress goals, you earn points, which can be used for certain additional needs related to massage training and licensing, including textbooks.

Do you offer financial aid?

No, as a small school, in order to keep our tuition low, we do not have federal financial aid at this time. We have established a relationship with Dupaco, who assists with financing tuition up front. (So people can get that $1000 discount) Our contact person is Erin Engler at (563) 557-7600 ext. 2774. If for any reason Dupaco cannot finance you, simply bring us documentation of that and then we will provide you with in-house financing.
We also have over 2 pages of information on scholarships and loans in our full catalog.

When are classes?

Our independent study program is available (to those who qualify). These classes are started weekly!

Structured classes are created based upon interest, but students can start earning credits prior with the independent study! For more information regarding our structured program, please contact us.

Is there a need for massage therapists?

There is a BIG need for well-trained therapists. Currently, we have 39 job opportunities posted. We have been in Dubuque for over 7 years and to date we have 100% placement of our graduates!

According to the US Dept. of Labor the employment of massage therapists is expected to grow 20% by 2020, faster than the average for all occupations.

These are people waiting for our graduates. Because we teach on a more medical level & include a lot of practical business training, employers really see a difference in our students.

We intend to continue our commitment to high standards in all other programs we offer in the health, wellness and beauty industries!

I don’t know if my hands (or body) can take doing massage…

Inspirit techniques are totally different than most massage schools. Our director has been doing massage for over 33 years and has no signs of carpal tunnel. She is small and can give DEEP tissue work. She has developed ways to do massage, really not using your thumbs or fingers much and emphasizes good body mechanics and self-care. There is even a whole class that shows how to do an entire massage while seated on a rolling stool!

Your right to know – we believe in full disclosure of all expenses. The following is a side-by-side comparison for your reference & to help you make informed decisions.

Inspirit Institute Other Local Schools (average costs)
Massage $8400 ($7400 with discount if paid in full)
Massage $7435
Application Fee $100 – NO Registration Fee Application Fee $50 – Registration Fee $100
Insurance: (ours includes association membership benefits)
Massage $65 Insurance/ABMP membership & Exam Coach All credit money paid, when upgraded to professional!
Massage $45
Activity/Test Fees NONE Activity/Test Fees:
Massage $225
Classroom Lab Fees NONE Classroom Lab Fees:
Massage $50
Massage $300
Massage $475
Student Kits:
Massage $300 (massage tables optional $200+)
Student Kits:
Massage $875
Massage approx.$30 (students purchase solid scrubs)
Massage $80
Massage $9075 ($8075 with paid in full discount)
Massage $9300

Email us, call 563-583-7700 or text 563-451-7855!

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