Our core program instructors are truly one of our biggest assets at Inspirit Institute.  State guidelines only require massage school teachers to have 2 years experience in the field.

We challenge that expectation by holding the bar MUCH higher. We think it is crucial to your success that you learn from exceptionally qualified teachers.

Lynn Kramer


Lynn first learned bodywork over 30 years ago, in 1983, from a physical therapist when she was a live-in aid for a quadriplegic college student. Later in nursing school, her favorite part of the work was the hands-on care. Her life changed forever when an orthopedic surgeon encouraged her to explore her gift of touch and add professional massage therapy to her repertoire. Lynn was one of the first massage therapists in the country to become nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork. In 1992, Lynn began to tutor students in Anatomy, which began her passion for teaching. Having over 2,000 hours of documented massage related training and being a nurse helps Lynn bring students to a new level in the field before they even graduate.

In addition to her background in nursing and massage therapy, she holds degrees as a Feng Shui Practitioner, Spa Specialist, and is an ordained Minister.

Carissa Young, Assistant Director, Instructor, LMT & Licensed Esthetician

Carissa is an instructor at Inspirit who teaches a number of different massage techniques and classes. She graduated from Inspirits Massage Therapy Program in 2010 and then immediately began her preparation for becoming an instructor through the Inspirit Teacher Training Program. She now works at Inspirit as an Instructor, Supervisor, Reiki Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist.